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Professor George Alexandridis

Professor of Corporate Finance

Director of Teaching & Learning Strategic Projects and
Head of Pre-Experience Postgraduate Programmes, Henley Business School

George Alexandridis


  • Mergers and Acquisitions, 
  • Corporate Finance, 
  • Shipping Finance and Investment


ICMA Centre, Whiteknights Campus

George is a Professor of Corporate Finance at the ICMA Centre. He is the Director of T&L Strategic Projects and Head of Pre-Experience Postgraduate Programmes at Henley Business School. He serves as a member of the Business School’s Executive Committee. George has oversight of Henley’s portfolios of Pre-Experience Masters and Post-Experience Open (Non-qual) Executive Education programmes. He is also spearheading strategic initiatives for Henley Business School including foundation and pre-study course offerings, the government-funded Help to Grow management programme and is involved in the development of online degrees and the implementation of digital technologies in programme portfolios.

George previously served as Postgraduate Programme Area Director of Finance Masters at the ICMA Centre where he pioneered teaching and learning innovations aimed at enhancing the student experience. Prior to joining Henley Business School in 2009, he was a Lecturer and Deputy Director of MSc Finance Programmes at Durham Business School.

George has established collaborations with universities and corporate organisations around the world. He also acts as an independent investment advisor while he has appeared as a commentator on financial and political issues on national television and in the press including BBC World, BBC News, Bloomberg, The Financial Times, The Daily Telegraph, LeMonde and The Times. He is an affiliate member of the Chartered Institute of Securities and Investment (CISI) and a fellow of the Higher Education Academy (HEA). He holds a BSc in Business Finance and Economics and an MA in Economics and Finance from the University of East Anglia and an MSc in International Money, Finance and Investment and a PhD in Finance from Durham University.

George’s research focuses primarily on corporate finance and in particular mergers and acquisitions (M&As), corporate governance and corporate social responsibility and has been published extensively in leading international journals including the Journal of Corporate Finance, Financial Management and Transportation Research. His research is also frequently presented in major conferences around the globe and has won a number of international awards. George acts as a referee for academic journals including Corporate Finance, Financial Management, Journal of Banking and Finance, the European Journal of Finance and Transportation Research and also serves as a member of several conference Programme Committees.

George’s teaching interests are in the area of corporate finance and investment banking. He has a passion for digital transformation and bringing real-world, hands-on applications to the classroom, aiming to enhance students' career development and outcomes.

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A survey of shipping finance research: setting the future research agenda

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International Maritime Trade

This module is the building block of the programme's maritime component in Term 1. The focus is on the global patterns in international trade, the characteristics of the main commodities...

Module code: ICM126

Corporate Finance and Investment Banking

The main aim of the course is to provide a rigorous grounding of the theory and practice of corporate finance and more specifically the long-term financial management decisions of the...

Module code: ICM311

Past Events

21 October 2019 Royal Olympic Hotel 28-34, Athanasiou Diakou Str, Athens, 11743, Greece
22 October 2019 The Met Hotel, Thessaloniki

International Association of Maritime Economists Conference

25 June 2019 Athens

Financial Management European Conference

12 June 2019 Glasgow
28 March 2019 Electra Palace Hotel, Athens
10 November 2018 Grand Kempinski Hotel Shanghai

Education Exhibitions

11 November 2017 Royal Olympic Hotel, Athens

EFMA conference

28 June 2017 Athens
2 March 2017 Divani Caravel Hotel Vas. Alexandrou 2, Athens, Athens 161 21, Greece

Consolidation in the shipping industry: The way forward?

2 February 2017 London, Clarksons Headquarters

Does Firing a CEO Pay Off?, With J.Doukas and C.Mavis

Financial Management European Conference, Glasgow, 2019 | Best paper award

Corporate Financial Leverage and M&As Choices: An Empirical Analysis of the Shipping Industry, with A.Gulnur, N.Antypas and I.Visvikis

International Association of Maritime Economists Conference, Athens, 2019

Investment Efficiency in the Transportation Industry, with E.Fung and I.Visvikis

International Association of Maritime Economists Conference, Athens, 2019

The Impact of Credit Rating Distance on Mergers and Acquisitions. With Z. Huang and I.Oikonomou

World Finance and Banking Conference ,Taiwan, 2018 | Best paper award

Price Discovery between Commodity and Shipping Markets: A Dynamic Multi-Factor Model Approach. with J.Angelopoulos, S.Sahoo and I.Visvikis

International Association of Maritime Economists Conference, Kenya, 2018 | Best paper award

Financial Hedging and Corporate Investment: Evidence from Mergers and Acquisitions, with Y.Zeng and Z. Chen.

European Financial Management, Greece, 2017

Financial Management, US, 2017

Financial Management, Asia, 2017, Best Paper Award Finalist

American Accounting Association, US, 2017 | Presented

Economic Information Transmission and Liquidity between Shipping Derivatives Markets: New Evidence from Freight Derivatives

International Association of Maritime Economists Conference, Germany, 2017

Financial Engineering and Banking Society Annual Conference, Greece, 2016

The Impact of Corporate Cultural Diversity on Mergers and Acquisitions, with Z. Huang, I. Oikonomou and A. Hoepner

European Financial Management, Switzerland, 2016

Financial Management, US, 2016

Behavioural Finance Working Group, Queen Mary University, UK, 2016

International Finance and Banking Society, Spain, 2016

Does CEO Turnover Improve Investment Performance, with J. Doukas and C. Mavis

Southern Finance Association, US, 2014

Financial Management, US, 2014

European Financial Management, UK, 2013

Target Size, Acquisition Premiums and Shareholder Gains, with Fuller, K., Terhaar, L., and Travlos, N.

Financial Management Association Asian Conference, 2012

European Financial Management Association, 2011

Southwestern Finance Association, US, 2011

Gains from M&As Around the World: New Evidence, with Travlos, N., and Petmezas, D

Midwest Finance Association Conference, US, 2010

Southern Finance Association Conference, US, 2009

Southwestern Finance Association, US, 2009, Best Paper Award

European Finance Association Conference, 2008

European Financial Management Association Conference, 2008