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Academic delivers MGIMO partner university open lecture

Aleksandridis 1

Dr George Alexandridis visited MGIMO University, the most prestigious business school in Russia, to meet with professors and students as part of a partnership with the ICMA Centre.

Whilst there, Dr Alexandridis delivered a presentation about the ICMA Centre’s Finance programmes and talked to MGIMO undergraduate and postgraduate students about recent trends and developments in corporate finance including in corporate governance, mergers and acquisitions, private equity and cash reserves.

Finance Postgraduate Programme Area Director Dr George Alexandridis commented: “I was delighted to visit MGIMO and was very impressed by the facilities, academic faculty and students. MGIMO students were very engaging and I thoroughly enjoyed talking to them. I look forward to welcoming them to the ICMA Centre as part of our Double Masters programme and working with their academic faculty to furthering our collaboration”

The collaboration between the ICMA Centre and MGIMO includes a Double Masters programme, which offers MGIMO students the opportunity to study as part of their second Masters year at the ICMA Centre.

Professor George Alexandridis

Professor of Corporate Finance
Published 5 April 2017

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