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Once you're at the ICMA Centre

Arrival information

You may arrive on any day from Wednesday 17 September and the International Welcome Programme runs until Thursday 25 September.

We strongly encourage you to attend the International Welcome Programme. This is a free programme designed to be an introduction and welcome to all international students who have accepted a place to study at the University of Reading (these sessions are in addition to the centrally organised sessions for all students).

Anyone joining the University from outside of the UK (including Europe) is encouraged to attend this programme. There are a number of events organised including tours and social events.

Details of the International Welcome Programme events are listed at this link.

You should also visit the main Welcome Week page.

You will find lots of useful pre-arrival information here including information about online enrolment, which you should try to complete before coming to the UK.

You will also find information here about events happening across the University and within your Department during the main University Freshers Week. Some of these sessions you must attend whilst others may be of interest to you but are not essential.