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International & EU Students

With a population nearing 250,000, Reading is a huge multicultural centre. The ICMA Centre and the University of Reading attract a large number of international students which adds to the town’s thriving ethnic communities.

The University provides a wealth of support and additional community spirit for international students studying at the university. Our students appreciate and enjoy experiencing new cultures and have often reflected that they have valued the interaction. They tend to be involved heavily in Students Union societies.

“I was nervous about studying in a foreign country, but I need not have worried. I had colleagues from Mexico, Ireland, Vietnam, England, Taiwan, China, Greece, Italy, and India among others. It was extremely beneficial to see the differing perspectives of other cultures. At the same time there was great support for each other as many of us had the same anxieties with the language.”
Enrique Moanack, MSc International Securities, Investment and Banking Graduate

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