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ICMA Centre academics collaborate with Climate Bonds Initiative on first Green Bond Investor Survey

Dr Ivan Sangiori and Dr Lisa Schopohl supported the Climate Bond Initiative (CBI) with its Green Bond European Investor Survey, looking at how climate change could be addressed through investment decisions.

Survey frontpage

Aiming to gain an understanding of how the fixed-income investment community is addressing or intending to address climate change through investment decision, Dr Ivan Sangiorgi and Dr Lisa Schopohl helped to support the Green Bond European Investor Survey by providing statistical analysis.

Findings from the report suggest investors want deals with high climate impact and value green credentials.

This survey also looked into identifying measures that could help grow the green bond market from an investor's perspective. Read the full paper here.

Dr Ivan Sangiorgi

Lecturer in Finance
Ivan is a Lecturer in Finance at the ICMA Centre since September 2017. Ivan’s research interests are in applied empirical finance, and in particular the areas of money markets, repurchase agreements (repos), fixed income markets and behavioural finance.

Dr Lisa Schopohl

Lecturer in Finance
Lisa’s research interests are in applied empirical finance and in particular the areas of institutional investment, pension funds, socially responsible investing and shareholder activism. Lisa has presented her research at numerous international conferences.
Published 28th November 2019
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