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Carol Alexander Selects Aleksander Petreski to Receive PRMIA Institute Grant

Professor Carol Alexander, Chair of Risk Management and Director of Research at the University of Reading, and recipient of the 2006 Professional Risk Managers' International Association (PRMIA) Higher Standard award, has named Aleksander Petreski as the recipient of the PRMIA Institute academic grant.

The PRMIA Higher Standard award is given to individuals who have significantly impacted the global practice of risk management, provided a substantial contribution to the mission of PRMIA and its members, and who show an ongoing commitment to the highest standards of the profession. As winner of this award, Ms. Alexander was given the opportunity to select a scholar or student in the field of risk management to receive a US$1,000 grant.

Aleksander Petreski is among the first intake on the new MSc graduate programme in Financial Risk Management at the ICMA Centre, University of Reading. Mr. Petreski is leading a research study which is sponsored by the British Foreign Office and administered by the British Council. He holds a BA in Economics from the State University in Skopje and is now Head of the Cash Management Unit in the Treasury Department of the Ministry of Finance, Republic of Macedonia.

Carol Alexander says: "Aleksander was chosen for this award because of his excellent performance on the Financial Risk Management MSc course, and because of his dedication to broadening the PRMIA network and furthering the profession in Macedonia."

Petreski says: "I regard the award as an immense personal satisfaction after the great effort put into the intensive but extraordinarily beneficial studies at the ICMA Centre. I would like to extend my personal and professional gratitude to Professor Carol Alexander for nominating me for this award, and I would also like to congratulate my co-award recipient, Ms. Doriana Ruffino."

Petreski intends to use the grant to obtain the The Professional Risk Manager (PRMTM) Certification, the global standard for the world's top financial risk professionals. He explains, "The PRM Certificate proves that a risk manager has the critical knowledge to enter the financial industry. I believe that PRM, being endorsed by the leading financial companies, improves your employment prospects significantly."

To Mr. Petreski's knowledge, he will be the first risk manager to obtain the PRM Certificate in the Republic of Macedonia. Through his influence and contacts with the financial industry he aims to establish this globally recognized standard in his country. He looks forward to becoming a part of the PRMIA network and to sharing and contributing knowledge for the development of this rapidly growing profession.

Published 23 April 2007

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