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Academic selected as member of Finance Watch

Deepa Finance Watch

Deepa Govindarajan Driver, Lecturer in Governance, Risk and Regulation, has been selected for individual expert membership of the international association Finance Watch.

With an aim of "Making Finance Serve Society", Finance Watch actively promotes the civil society interests in financial regulation and contributes to policy deliberations and regulatory discourse at EU level. It was set up at the initiative of the European Parliament and receives EU funding in addition to other voluntary contributions. Its mission is to "to strengthen the voice of society in the reform of financial regulation by conducting advocacy and presenting public interest arguments to lawmakers and the public as a counterweight to the private interest lobbying of the financial industry”

Deepa says: "I am honoured to be able to serve in this capacity. Particularly in the past decade, I have felt very strongly that finance must be recaliberated urgently and effectively to serve the real economy. I look forward to working on Finance Watch's regulatory agenda with other members and partner organisations, to provide an academic contribution to achieving such goals."

Deepa Govindarajan is Programme Director for the MSc Capital Markets, Regulation and Compliance. She teaches governance, compliance, risk management and regulation within the Master’s degree programmes. Deepa was the founding programme director and content design lead for the Masters in Financial Regulation for the UK financial regulator (FCA), which is a unique specialist executive programme in regulation. Deepa’s research interests cover corporate risk appetite, senior management arrangements and governance within financial institutions, qualitative decision-making, operational risk, the socio-political context of banking & financial regulation and the comparative study of international banking regulation.

Dr. Deepa Govindarajan Driver

Lecturer in Governance, Regulation and Risk
Published 29 June 2017

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