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Dr. Deepa Govindarajan Driver

Lecturer in Governance, Regulation and Risk

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ICMA Centre, Whiteknights Campus

Dr Deepa Driver teaches financial regulation, state and corporate accountability, governance, ethics and risk management within our Masters degree programmes.

Deepa was the founding programme director and content design lead for our Masters programme in Financial Regulation for UK financial regulators. Deepa also served for over a decade as Programme Director for the Centre's MSc in Capital Markets Regulation and Compliance.

Deepa’s research interests cover financialization; the interactions between democracy, power, human rights and finance; state and corporate accountability for serious crimes; qualitative decision-making in finance; whistleblowing and operational risk.

Deepa is the chair of negotiators for the union side on the Joint Negotiating Committee of the £75bn sector-wide USS pension scheme. She is a member of the NEC of UCU, and president of ReadingUCU.

Deepa serves as the vice-chair of Finance Watch, Brussels and as vice-chair of the Haldane Society of Socialist Lawyers.

Deepa is an independent expert advisor to regulators, banks, asset managers and insurers. She facilitates Board discussions related to the protection of stakeholder interests, the definition and dissemination of risk appetite, and the risk implications of strategic choices. Deepa’s career to date includes roles at Citigroup, Lloyds Banking Group, the Financial Services Authority (UK) and in consulting both in continental Europe and in the UK.

Ethical Dilemmas in Finance

This module prepares students for careers in finance. It is also useful for those considering careers in government or in multilateral organisations. The module encourages the development of critical perspectives...

Module code: ICM515

Financial Regulation with FinTech Applications

This real-world module prepares finance students for careers in risk, compliance, audit, regulation and in government / policy positions. Students explore how power, control and autonomy are moderated by regulation...

Module code: ICM514

Financial Regulation (new for 2022/23)

This module develops a fundamental understanding of and critical perspectives on the rationales, purpose, design, application and consequences of financial regulation globally....

Module code: ICM338

Governance, Power and Accountability (new for 2022/23)

This module introduces students to the theory and practice of governance with a particular emphasis on corporate governance. The module then focuses on a critical discussion of power and accountability...

Module code: ICM336

Stakeholders and the Business of Finance

This module seeks to establish a wide-ranging, substantive foundation for the study of financial regulation through developing a strategic understanding of the financial sector’s landscape, the business and underlying activities...

Module code: ICM131

Risk Management in Financial Services

This module allows students to develop a meaningful understanding of financial intermediation, the consequent risks posed to, and by, financial intermediaries, and how these should be addressed....

Module code: ICM128

Governance and Compliance in Financial Services

This course enables students to develop a deep practical understanding of the corporate governance and compliance challenges specific to financial intermediaries and how these should be addressed within regulated firms...

Module code: ICM294

Topics in Financial Regulation

This module provides an overview of the purpose and operation of financial regulation, and the consequences of financial sector reform for different markets, including those of the students’ home country...

Module code: ICM295

Ethics in Investment Management (BSc)

To introduce students to the ethical difficulties encountered by investment professionals as they invest other people’s money. By the end of the course students will appreciate the ethical standards imposed...

Module code: IC105

Corporate Governance and Accountability

The objective of the module is to introduce students to the concept of corporate governance, to explain how governance varies around the world and to explore the potential and actual...

Module code: ICM270

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5 March 2019 Palace of Westminster, London
4 December 2017 The Square, Coudenberg 3, 1000 Brussels
17 June 2017 ICMA Centre, Henley Business School, University of Reading, Whiteknights, Reading, RG6 6BA

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Working Papers

Govindarajan, Deepa, Corporate Risk Appetite: Ensuring Board and Senior Management Accountability for Risk (November 17, 2011). ICMA Centre Discussion Papers: 2011 Series. Available at SSRN: