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Top Chinese University Delegation Visits the ICMA Centre


Dalian Maritime University was founded in 1953 and is widely regarded as the top academic institution in China for maritime studies and is also part of the Project 211 initiative which includes only 6% of Chinese Universities. Dalian Maritime University is located in close proximity to the port of Dalian, one of the busiest ports in China and the second largest container transhipment hub in mainland China.

The Delegation included renowned academics Professor Kuang Haibo, Head of Corporate Management Faculty, Shipping Economics and Management Institute at Dalian Maritime University, Dr Feng Lin, Associate Professor at the Shipping Economics and Management Institute and Dr Jia Peng, Associate Professor at the Collaborative Innovation Centre for Transport Studies at Dalian Maritime University.

The discussions evolved around potential paths for collaboration in teaching and research between the two institutions as well as issues focal to the future of the shipping industry including the One Belt One Road (OBOR) initiative, shifts in strategic management and corporate governance, new sources of finance, the regulatory environment, automation and consolidation.

Dr George Alexandridis, PG Programme Area Director and Director of the International Shipping and Finance Programme at the ICMA Centre said: “We are delighted for the opportunity to further develop our collaboration with one of the best Maritime Universities in the world. With China playing an increasingly focal role in the global maritime shipping field, collaboration between the UK – an important maritime centre - and China is now as relevant as ever. Given our common interests with Dalian in the field of shipping and finance we very much hope we can work closely together in shaping the future of education in this area”

Photo: From left to right Dr Feng Lin, Dr George Alexandridis, Prof John Board, Prof Kuang Haibo, Prof Adrian Bell, Jilly Birks and Dr Jia Peng. Find out more about Professor John Board's research.

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View profile Find out more about Dr George Alexandridis' research.

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Professor Adrian Bell

Research Dean, Prosperity and Resilience
Published 14 November 2017

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