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What did Debenhams do wrong?

Last week saw yet another established high street chain store file for administration.

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Shares in Debenhams had fallen from 90p, 4 years ago, to 2p at the end of last week when they were suspended from trading. Shareholders such as Mike Ashley, face a total loss.

Where did Debenhams go wrong? What does the future hold for the company and how will this impact the wider high street?

Professor Chris Brooks shares his thoughts in his latest Leading Insight article for Henley Business School. Read the full piece here.

Professor Chris Brooks

Professor in Finance
Chris Brooks is Professor of Finance at the ICMA Centre. He was formerly Professor of Finance at the Cass Business School, London. He holds a PhD and a BA in Economics and Econometrics, both from the University of Reading. His areas of research interest include asset pricing, fund management, behavioural…
Published 15th April 2019