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ICMA Centre Research looks at whether banks could survive a new Great Depression

Varotto first analyses banks' loan portfolios and finds that regulatory capital in most cases offers enough protection against extreme crisis events. The only exceptions are portfolios with average maturity beyond 10 years. Then, he investigates bank's trading portfolios and finds that current minimum capital requirements will have to increase dramatically and, depending on the maturity and rating characteristics of the portfolio, by more than 5 times the current levels to cover for credit risk and market risk in stressed conditions. He also finds that the increase is mostly due to market risk capital charges which can be more than 20 times larger than the newly introduced "incremental risk charge" for credit risk. The paper's conclusions call for further research to understand the potentially large impact of the new regulation on bank's investment decisions and lending practices."

Article in full

Published 18 March 2010

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ICMA Centre Student Commended

25 June 2007
ICMA Centre student, Afua Addae (pictured here with fellow student Aleksander Petreski), who studied the MSc in Financial Risk Management, has received the commendation of runner-up for the Eurekahedge prize for the best paper on hedge funds after working on a major project based on Eurekahedge data for her MSc. After completing a BSc degree in Chemical Engineering in Ghana, Afua moved to the UK and decided to study at the ICMA Centre after working for a year and a half with Nationwide Building Society, UK. She will graduate in July 2007 with a merit. During her MSc study she worked part time as a research consultant with Lepus Management Consultancy, a risk management consultancy in London where her researches on ?Basel II Implementation: Lessons Learnt from the First Round of IRB Applications', ?The Risk and Regulatory Environment in Commodity Trading' and ?Rogue Trading', have been published on Lepus' Risk Monthly Reports.

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