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Professor Salih Neftci

With deep regret we announce the death of Professor Salih Neftci who passed away on Friday after a year-long fight with cancer.. Salih had a long association with the Centre, having taught here for almost ten years ? for the last three as a full professor.

Salih's research is world renowned and his last major work was to complete the new edition of his Financial Engineering book which was published only in January this year. He was regarded as an outstanding teacher, colleague and friend by all of us and will be much missed.

Alumnus Youssef El Kareh said of Salih: ?I had the luxury of studying financial engineering with Professor Neftci at the ICMA Centre, University of Reading where I first came into contact with his new book. It has been an amazing experience and it was a pleasure to see the book in print. I could write a lot more but it is enough to say that the insight and the approach are truly unique and unprecedented, two characteristics I believe that went with Professor Neftci, be it when he wrote a book or when he delivered a lecture. It is a must read for any financial engineering student and finance practitioners as well.?

We have been inundated with emails from students past and present - below are just a few of the comments we have received:

"I deeply saddened to receive this announcement. As an ICMA-Centre MSc alumnus I greatly appreciated Mr. Neftci's way of stimulating students to appreciate his thorough understanding of today's financial landscape. Many thanks for letting us know, and if you have the chance, please inform his relatives of our deep respect and appreciation of his work." Jan De Wit, Class of 2005

"He was a star attraction at the ICMA Centre for students and one reason why many (including me) enrolled at the ICMA Centre! Our memories - his humour and great teaching - will still keep shining in all (and I know I speak for all his students) our hearts. ?One of the most important pieces of advice I've ever had - and came from this "true" teacher - was that we 'have to continue to do new things; not get stagnated into what we've learnt but to continually innovate." Ayan Banerjee, Class of 2007

"I am really sorry to hear of the death of Professor Salih Neftci. He was perhaps one of the best professors I have met during my studies in the UK. He was not only a good lecturer but also a good friend to all of us. I will never forget the unique way he used to teach as well as the way he was so good with the students. He had the ability to always keep our interest high. He was very smart, intelligent, professional, a good friend and I will never forget his humour." Thanos Vourvopoulos, Class of 1999

"I took his classes on Financial Engineering and used to sit in the front row of the class (2005). He used to call me by my name in all the classes. Only one week ago, before I went to speak as a guest speaker at one of the Business Schools, I was watching his video on the recent credit crisis on the internet TV. I have spoken very highly of Professor Neftci to the Business School Director and have suggested showing his videos to MBA students for sometime. May his soul rest in peace." Ashish Agarwal, Class of 2005

Published 20 April 2009

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