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Growing green bonds could help the environment

Whilst climate change is seen as one of the main sources of risk for global economies and societies, green bonds represent one instrument to finance the move towards a lower-carbon economy.

Green investment

Dr Ivan Sangiorgi and Dr Lisa Schopohl provided supporting analysis for a newly published report by the Climate Bond Initiative (CBI) - the first Green Bond European Investor Survey, surveying fixed income asset managers to gain understanding on how climate change can be addressed through investment decisions.

The survey suggests that there is a strong appetite for green bonds but a lack of green bond supply to meet investor demand, with investors also reporting to value green credentials.

These findings will have important implications for investors and regulators. Read the full piece here.

Dr Ivan Sangiorgi

Lecturer in Finance
Ivan is a Lecturer in Finance at the ICMA Centre since September 2017. Ivan’s research interests are in applied empirical finance, and in particular the areas of money markets, repurchase agreements (repos), fixed income markets and behavioural finance.

Dr Lisa Schopohl

Lecturer in Finance
Lisa’s research interests are in applied empirical finance and in particular the areas of institutional investment, pension funds, socially responsible investing and shareholder activism. Lisa has presented her research at numerous international conferences.
Published 28th November 2019
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