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Industry Insights: Invesco Perpetual - Overview of Fund Management

Nitesh mistry

We learned that, at Invesco at least, they recruit people from a very diverse range of disciplines and backgrounds. They value diversity as they believe it improves decision making, which is of course a core-part of being a fund manager.

We also learned that there are many jobs in investment management that outsiders have not necessarily heard of, these include roles working with clients or in the back or middle office functions. There are plenty of opportunities for students outside of the well-known entry level as an investment analyst .

Finally, we learned that Invesco have a very inclusive culture, with all functions in the office working closely together. For example Nitesh is in close contact with the fund management desks, even though his role is more client focused. Nitesh represents the Henley-based European Equities investment capabilities to external and internal clients.

He joined the company in June 2006 and supported the European Equities team as Product Manager before transferring to the team in March 2014 reporting directly to Jeff Taylor, Henley Investment Centre's Head of European Equities.

Published 11 October 2018
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