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April Fools! ICMA Centre "Launches" Space-Based Finance Course for 2019

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Unfortunately this story is not real. At least not yet. However, we do have a number of very real Master's in Finance courses (we promise these ones aren't an April Fools joke).

The ICMA Centre, part of the triple-accredited Henley Business School, is launching a new programme in 2019 set to pave the way for the next generation of shipping finance: MSc Inter-Planetary Space-Shipping and Finance.

Following the success of the ICMA Centre’s already existing MSc International Shipping and Finance course, which sees students studying the intricacies of transporting goods and commodities across continents on Earth using traditional water-traversing ships, the ICMA Centre at Henley Business School has set its sights on the near future of transport: space travel.

With technological breakthroughs like SpaceX coming almost weekly, the possibility of space travel is becoming a fast reality. The Centre says that in the near future, colonies will be formed on planets within our solar system, including Mars and the Moon, and trade between planets is not only likely, but inevitable. This programme will be the first to train students in the future of trade

“The ICMA Centre has always been ahead of the curve when it comes to Finance education,” explains Director of Shipping Programmes Dr George Alexandridis, “we were the first university in Europe to launch dealing room facilities to simulate stock markets, and we have recently launched modules for all our students to learn programming for finance, but this time we wanted to take it one step further. And what is the next step for international shipping? Inter-planetary space-shipping.”

Programme contents

Part 1: All modules in Part 1 are compulsory, and students will study the same topics as our other Master's programmes, with the small exception of the additional module "Speculative Introduction to Inter-galactic Trade"

Part 2: Part 2 allows students to specialise further towards a career in Interplanetary trade, with modules that include "Speculative Inter-Planetary Strategy", "Speculative Logistics Management in Zero-Gravity", and "Speculative Space Law and Asteroid Insurance".

Part 3 (12 month only): Part 3 students have further opportunities to specialise, including a "Work Placement and Project" opportunity on the Moon (speculative).

Second year undergraduate student, April F. Ooled commented: "This course sounds amazing, I can't wait to apply!"

This programme is not open for applications, and may never be (at least for the significant future), however in the meantime you may be interested in MSc International Shipping and Finance, or one of our other highly ranked (and real) Master's in Finance courses.

Published 31 March 2017

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