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DIIS Conference: Central Banking in the Context of the European Crisis

Senior Visiting Fellow at the ICMA Centre, Richard Comotto, will be speaking at the upcoming conference organised by the Danish Institute for International Studies, titled Central Banking at a Crossroads: Europe and Beyond. The Conference will focus on the future of Central Banking in the post-crisis period and look at how to restore stability to financial systems.

Richard Comotto will be a panellist in a workshop session titled: Central Banks and collateral-based Financial Innovation, on Wednesday 30th January in Copenhagen.

Mr Richard Comotto is one of the longest-serving members of the ICMA Centre adjunct faculty, who delivers the popular MSc module on short-term financial markets (FX, money markets and securities financing). His special interests are repo and other forms of securities financing, and electronic trading in OTC markets.

You can find more information about the conference and the workshops at the DIIS website.

Published 15 January 2013