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Congratulations to the winners of the Chancellor’s Award 2013!

The ICMA Centre students awarded the Chancellor's Award 2013 are; Amy Ho, Juvereya Shoab, Chunxin Zhou and Yunjie Xiao, who are the top four performing students in last year’s Part 1 and Part 2 of the BSc Finance and Investment Banking programme. For the second year running Amy Ho and Juvereya Shoab have been awarded this celebrated prize since they were top performing students also in the first year of their study at this University.

The Chancellor’s Award is the most prestigious student award scheme at the University of Reading, which recognises the highest achieving students across the University. This year, just 72 students have been selected who have achieved the highest results in their subject at the end of either their first or second year. Many congratulations from all at the ICMA Centre to Amy, Juvereya, Chunxin and Yunjie!

Published 7 November 2013

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