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ICMA Centre High Achievers

Final BP

Baoshun Yan (19), from China, was awarded £100 for winning the Best Performance at Part 1 in BSc Finance and Investment Banking. He commented: “I feel deeply honoured to have been awarded. The prize inspires me to carry on working hard throughout the rest of my degree”.

Undergraduate, Kunhui Luo (Aaron) received £150 as part of the prize for the Best Performance at Part 2 in BSc Finance & Investment Banking.

Luo aged 22, also from China, has won the award 2 years in a row. He commented on the prize and the degree: “I feel honoured that my efforts in studying have been recognised as good enough for an award. In my final year, I do hope that I can do as well as the last 2 years’ performance and develop my knowledge and skills as much as I can. After my degree, I look forward to further studying a master’s degree.

ICMA Centre has notably excelled in bringing together theory and practice in finance. The knowledge we learn from lectures is quite practical and also our skills are developed from those practices such as projects and trading simulation, which are closely linked to the financial industry. I can’t wait to start my learning in my final year modules”.

Congratulations to both students.

Published 9 October 2018

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