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ICMA Centre announces accreditation programme by the Professional Risk Managers' International Association for MSc Financial Risk Management

The ICMA Centre's MSc in Financial Risk Management has been accredited by the Professional Risk Managers' International Association (PRMIA).

PRMIA is a non-profit, member-led professional association designed to promote a higher standard for risk professionals, and the ICMA Centre was the first business school in Europe to be accredited to PRMIA. Endorsed by leading Universities and businesses PRMIA's Professional Risk Manager (PRM) certification programme sets a global standard for the world's top financial risk managers. The PRM curriculum covers a body of knowledge that industry leaders have identified as crucial for professional risk managers.

Prospective students can be confident that accredited degree programs have a high degree of commonality with the PRMTM curriculum ? a body of knowledge that industry leaders have identified as crucial for professional risk managers,? says Jodi Lundell, PRMIA Director of Risk Training and Education. She adds, ?They can also be confident that these degree programs are appropriately rigorous, are taught by high quality faculty, and are recognized by potential employers.?

The ICMA Centre's affiliation with the PRMIA accreditation programme means that students will be well prepared for careers as professional risk managers, and there is a significant large and rapidly growing demand for properly qualified students in the risk management area.

The Centre's FRM degree covers approximately three times as much material as the PRM examinations I, II and III. Accreditation by PRMIA is recognition that the MSc Financial Risk Management programme covers at least 70% of the PRM syllabus. Students who complete appropriate courses within the FRM degree will be eligible for exemption from PRM Exams I and II which form a major part of the PRM certificate, and the ICMA Centre provides assistance. Students can be confident that the MSc is appropriately rigorous, taught by highly reputable academic staff, including Professor Carol Alexander and together with this accreditation, recognised by potential employers as a professional programme.

The ICMA Centre's MSc in FRM has been carefully structured to provide students with the specialised knowledge they need for this challenging profession, the Centre's success is based not only on the integration of applied finance theory and industry specific training but also its considerable professional and academic expertise.

For further details, please see PRMIA FAQ'S.

Published 19 May 2008

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