Dr Tony Moore

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Lecturer in Finance
Programme Tutor, MSc in Financial Regulation
Programme Director, MA by Research in Economic History

Email t.moore@icmacentre.ac.uk
Phone number +44 (0)118 378 4386
Specialism History of finance, medieval history, contemporary attitudes to finance


Dr Tony Moore is Lecturer in Finance at the ICMA Centre. He is Programme Tutor on the MSc in Financial Regulation, a part-time degree for practicing regulators offered in collaboration with the Financial Conduct Authority. He convenes the modules ‘Stakeholders and the Business of Finance’ for the MSc and ‘Topics in Finance’ for third-year undergraduates. He is currently programme director of the MA by Research in Economic History in the Centre for Economic History and has taught for the Graduate Centre for Medieval Studies and the Department of History.

Previously he worked as Research Associate on two historical finance projects directed by Professors Adrian Bell and Chris Brooks. The first (2007-2010), funded by the ESRC examined the early sovereign debt market – focusing on the relationships between the Three Edwards (kings of England 1272-1377) and a succession of Italian merchant societies that served as ‘bankers to the Crown’. The second (2011-2014), funded by the Leverhulme Trust, investigated the early history of the Foreign Exchange market in medieval Europe. For more information on these projects, see apps.icmacentre.reading.ac.uk/medievalcredit/. Before joining the ICMA Centre, he completed a BA in History, an MPhil in Medieval History and a PhD at the University of Cambridge and worked on a one-year research project at the University of Sheffield.

His chief research areas are the history of finance and medieval history – and especially the history of finance during the Middle Ages. He is series editor of Palgrave Studies in the History of Finance. Other interests include contemporary perceptions of finance, the social utility of finance and the history of regulation.

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4 September, ëThe seasonality of foreign exchange and interest rates in later medieval Europe, c.1383-1411í, European Historical Economics Society Conference 2015, Pisa.

30 May, ëFunding foreign travel in medieval England: The evidence of the exchange rolls (1367-1434)í, 41st Economic and Business History Annual Conference, University of Wisconsin-La Crosse.

16 May, ëIntegration and arbitrage in the medieval FX marketí, 50th International Congress on Medieval Studies, Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo.

28 March, ëFinancial flows in the medieval Mediterranean from the libri di cambio of Francesco di Marco Datini of Prato, 1388-1403í, Economic History Society Annual Conference, University of Wolverhampton, Telford Campus.


13 September, "Did Purchasing Power Parity hold in medieval Europe?", Economic History Association Annual Conference, Columbus, Ohio. Earlier presented at the 39th Economic and Business History Society Annual Conference, Manchester.

5 September, "England and the Foreign Exchange Market", Fifteenth Century Conference, University of Aberdeen.

23 August, "Foreign exchange trading in 1410 and 2010", European Business History Association Annual Conference, University of Utrecht

10 July, "Criminal plundering or justified distraint? Perspectives on the Montfortian campaign of 1263", International Medieval Congress, University of Leeds.


28 July, "Not Too Big to Fail: the Bankruptcy of the Bardi and Peruzzi in England", Coping with Crisis: Re-Evaluating the Role of Crises in Economic and Social History, University of Durham. I also sat on the concluding roundtable reflecting on the conference.

1 July, "FX trading in medieval Europe", International Medieval Conference, University of Leeds.

25 May, "The buying and selling of money for time": Exchange and interest rates in medieval Europeí, 39th Annual Economic and Business History Society Conference, Baltimore

7 April, "The foreign exchange market in medieval Europe c.1400", Economic History Society Conference, University of York.