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BBC World News: Greek Elections

Dr Nikolaos Antypas appeared on BBC World to discuss the Greek elections & how the Greek economy could be heading for outstanding growth in the next few years.

BBC World News

In the Business Briefing, Dr Nikolaos Antypas suggested that the market seems to approve of the new government. However, the plan for recovery requires tax cuts, reform of the public sector, resetting of the banking sector and attracting more investment.

Watch the full interview on BBC iPlayer.

Dr Nikolaos Antypas

Lecturer in Finance
Dr Nikolaos Antypas is a Lecturer in Finance and Co-director of the MSc in International Shipping and Finance Programme. He joined the ICMA Centre, Henley Business School in September 2018. He has a PhD in Finance from University of Reading (Henley Business School), an MSc degree in Finance from ALBA…
Published 8th July 2019
Business News