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The Future of Banking

What are the impacts of bank closures on the local community? Professor Brian Scott-Quinn spoke to BBC Radio Oxford about the changing nature of banking and the closure of high street branches.

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Mobile banks on vehicles were a solution to reach isolated communities. Whilst the profitability of banks has collapsed in the last 10 years, challenger banks have emerged to offer services via new technologies. In his interview, Brian discusses what Metro Bank and the Community Savings Bank Association offer to their customers.

You can watch the full interview here (from 1:16:30).

Emeritus Professor Brian Scott-Quinn

Non-Executive Chairman
A university finance academic, Founder and Chairman of the ICMA Centre who teaches banking and fintech. Also a non-executive director (NED) and entrepreneur. He also offers executive education programmes focussing on banking and fintech and also infrastructure/ real estate financing and institutional investment including : “Understanding Infrastructure Equity Assets and…
Published 9th August 2019
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