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ICMA Centre PhD awarded membership to the China Ageing Finance Forum


ICMA Centre PhD Candidate Zucheng Zhao has been awarded membership to the China Ageing Finance Forum (CAFF50).

Currently pursuing his PhD in Finance, Zucheng’s research area covers pension fund reform and pension performance, under the supervision of Professor Charles Sutcliffe.

When asked about what it means to be invited to become a young researcher at CAFF50, Zucheng said "It’s an honour for me to serve as the only young researcher in CAFF50 from the UK university. With this platform, I have the opportunity to communicate and co-operate with Chinese academics on the topic of Chinese pension funds”

China Ageing Finance Forum (CAFF50) was established in 2015 and boasts experts on ageing finance from an array of political, academic and industrial backgrounds. Committed to becoming a high-quality and independent think tank, CAFF50 acts to provide research support for policymakers, to build a communication platform for industry professionals, and to be a financial literacy centre for the public.

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Published 15 August 2018

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