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Student Wins Scholarship to New York ARPM Bootcamp

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MSc Financial Risk Management student Ran Tao has been awarded a scholarship to attend Attilio Meucci's Advanced Risk and Portfolio Management (ARPM) Bootcamp at New York University (NYU) this Summer.

The six-day intensive quantitative course has been operating since 2007, with over 2,000 alumni globally including industry leaders and respected academics. This year’s bootcamp takes place from 14-19 Aug at NYU and gives students a unique opportunity to boost their professional experience as part of their course.

Ran commented: “I am delighted to be selected to attend this bootcamp, it is a great opportunity to gain additional advanced quantitative skill and meet many professionals.”

Drs Nadia Kappou and Emese Lazar, who arranged the scholarship, commented: "We are delighted that Ran, one of our MSc Financial Risk Management students who has shown an excellent academic performance, will have the opportunity to attend such a highly respected and globally recognised workshop."

The bootcamp consists of:

  • Education: intensive, heavily quantitative, comprehensive 6-day course, with 50 hours of instruction (lectures and practice sessions). Topics include portfolio construction, factor modeling, liquidity, trade execution, estimation/data mining, risk modeling, optimization, and much more…
  • Networking: Gala Dinner, Social Mixer, and other events with industry leaders, renowned academics and the 300+ fellow attendees. Past guests include Almgren, Carr, Derman, Dupire, Gatheral, Lipton, Litterman, Litzenberger, Lo, Madan, Mercurio, Shreve.
  • ARPM Lab: continued online access to ARPM’s body of knowledge, with cross-referenced theory, examples, case studies, solved exercises, interactive code, videos, slides. The ARPM Lab is constantly updated
  • Certifications: 40 CFA Institute CE credits; 40 GARP CPD; Academic credit with Partner Universities; (optional) ARPM Certificate®

“I look forward to meeting new people,” Ran added, “This is a great opportunity to hear from experienced practitioners about their experience of working in the Wall Street. I also hope to share my amazing one-year master programme experience at ICMA Centre with other students!”

Published 30 March 2017

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