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Tsinghua University Students Visit ICMA Centre for Second Year Running

The ICMA Centre is delighted to welcome PBC School of Finance students from China’s world renowned Tsinghua University, who have travelled to the UK for a two-week programme of trading, learning, and sight-seeing.

Tsinghua University is well known as one of the top institutions for Finance higher education in China and has had a long standing relationship with the ICMA Centre, having also visited at the beginning of 2015. The programme gives their students an opportunity to experience life in the UK, and to help develop a better understanding of the financial markets in Europe.

Throughout their stay they will attend lectures presented by various ICMA Centre academics on topics that include “the Future of European Economics”, “Behavioural Finance”, and “Banking, Investment & Sustainability”. They will also spend a whole day as practicing traders using the Centre’s three non-investment bank dealing rooms, the most extensive facilities of their kind in the world.

As well as lectures in finance and networking with current students, the group will explore the UK lifestyle and attractions in the area by visiting Oxford, Cambridge, and the unique Metal Exchange in London.

Later this year, three ICMA Centre students will have the opportunity to travel to China and visit Tsinghua University as part of their ‘Financial Leaders of Tomorrow’ 2016 summer programme. This is an exciting chance to broaden our students’ knowledge of Chinese financial markets and experience what the country has to offer.

Published 11 January 2016

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