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Doctoral Researcher Rupini takes part in Responsible Investment Roundtable

Rajagopalan Rupini 200

The roundtable, titled “Responsible investing for sustainable returns” discussed various key questions that sought to better understand Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues. The roundtable also sought to find out whether investors are warming to greater ESG incorporation in addition to the likelihood that this should and will play an increasingly greater role within their portfolios. It also sought to find out whether approaches incorporating ESG factors are indeed feasible at the current time and if so, what exactly are the best ways to implement RI in practice.

During the roundtable, Rupini discussed her findings of her research on the impact of companies that are fined for illegal behaviours on the financial market. Her findings prompted some very interesting discussions on incorporating fines in ESG investment processes.

The roundtable was organized by CAMRADATA and was held at RBC Global Asset Management in London.

Published 28 June 2016
Research news

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