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ICMA Centre PhD student wins best student paper at Principles for Responsible Investment Conference

PhD student Lisa Schopohl has won a PRI-Sycomore AM Award for the most outstanding research in responsible investment in the Best Student Paper category. The prizes were awarded at the PRI in Person conference, a week-long programme with a focus on responsible investment.

Part of the triple-accredited Henley Business School, the ICMA Centre saw it’s students Xue Li and Marcus Nilsson, alongside overall winner Lisa, shortlisted in the top four for the same category. Two of the three PRI-Sycomore AM Awards were won by students and academics of the ICMA Centre, including Best Quantitative Paper by Associate Professor of Finance Andreas Hoepner and co-author Hampus Adamsson.

“I am pleased to see that the research conducted by our students and academics has been recognised,” commented Andreas, “All the students who submitted papers produced exceptional work, and I sincerely believe these results show that the ICMA Centre might well be one of the strongest research teams in responsible investment worldwide.”

Lisa’s winning paper discussed the impact of political dimensions on the investment preferences of U.S. state pension funds.

“I’m very happy to have won this award and am glad that my paper has been so positively received,” Lisa commented, “This has been a great experience for me, and I’m very thankful for the support I’ve received throughout.

Lisa has just finished the second year of her PhD in the area of institutional investment and responsible investment at the ICMA Centre, and will continue under the supervision of Associate Professor Andreas Hoepner and Professor Adrian Bell.

Dr Lisa Schopohl

Associate Professor of Finance
Published 10 September 2015

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