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Financial regulation and how business schools are rebalancing learning to help create a safer financial future

John discussed with Emma Boyde, Business Education Reporter at the FT, that regulation and an increase in prosecutions has helped make the financial industry a little safer and had a salutary effect on the behaviour of finance professionals. He indicated that mistakes have been caused by bad practice and the introduction of new products without fully understanding them, and that while increased technical regulation has its place, regulation of behaviour is essential.

When asked about what business schools could do to make the financial world a safer place, Professor Board commented:

“A lot of business schools are re-thinking their positions on the balance between technical details of financial products and more traditional leadership, strategy and ethical behaviours which business schools would’ve been teaching 20 or 30 years ago.”

He said that Henley Business School is “being very clear about the balance between personal development and personal behaviour and the way businesses should be run, the way strategy has to be embedded deeply in a firm…it’s got to be clear, it’s got to be consistent and it’s got to be forced through to every part of the firm.”

To view the full interview with Professor John Board on the Financial Times’ website, click here.

Published 6 January 2014

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