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Talk on “Steve Jobs’ last gift and yoga meditation”

Students and staff of Henley Business School are welcome to join an evening event dedicated to the teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda (1893-1952) an Indian yogi who in 1920 founded Self Realization Fellowship for the dissemination of definite yoga techniques to enable man to achieve his full potential (see for more information.)

The event will include a video recording of a talk by Brother Anandamoy, a senior monk of Self Realization Fellowship, in which he illustrates how yoga principles are the common foundation of religions of East and West. The video will be followed by an audio recording of a chapter of Autobiography of a Yogi narrated by Academy Award winner Ben Kingsley.

Date: 13 November 2013

Time: 6.00-7.00 pm

Venue: ICMA Centre 150

For more information please email Dr Simone Varotto,

Published 1 November 2013