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ICMA Centre India Scholarships for 2013

Award details: 
The International scholarships will provide £5,000 off the cost of the tuition fees.


1. Applicants must be graduates from an Indian institution.

2. Students should apply for the scholarship at the same time as accepting their place on a masters programme in the ICMA Centre. To take up the award an applicants must have fulfilled all academic and English language conditions and must enroll by October 1st 2013.

3. Applicants should provide evidence of academic excellence and of activities outside their academic studies which have made a positive contributions to business and/or society.

Application Procedure: 
 Please apply online: Scholarship Application Form 2013.

Be an ambassador for Henley Business School: 
A scholarship winner will be required to act as an ambassador for ICMA Centre and Henley Business School. This may include being asked to support events and to share experiences with prospective students. As well as a financial reward, this role and the award itself are excellent additions to your CV.

Closing date: The closing date for applications is July 7th, 2013. Successful applicants will be informed of the decision by 31st July 2013.

Published 11 June 2013