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ICMA Centre to host 2013 European Financial Management Association annual meeting

This annual event is one of the largest and most prominent academic conferences on finance in Europe and 2013 will be the first time the University of Reading will have hosted the event. In 2012 the conference was held at the University of Barcelona in Spain.

Professor John Campbell, Chair of the Economics Department at Harvard University has been announced as the keynote speaker for the 2013 meeting. The expectation is that close to 300 papers will be presented in total across the four days. The call for papers for the 2013 conference is now open and details will soon be available at our dedicated conference website.

‘Hosting such a prestigious event, where all financial eyes across Europe will be on us for a week, is an amazing opportunity for both our staff and students to be exposed to the highest level of discussion, interpretation and policy development of our time,’ said Dr Simone Varotto, Senior Lecturer in Finance at the ICMA Centre and Chair of the 2013 EFMA conference, ‘Listening to Professor Campbell alone discuss finance is a privilege, never mind the hundreds of other great financial minds that will be gathered together.’

The EFMA was founded in 1994 to encourage and disseminate knowledge about financial decision making in all areas of finance as they specifically relate to European corporations, financial institutions and capital markets. The membership of the EFMA includes academics, practitioners and students from across Europe and the rest of the world.

Published 29 June 2012
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