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Results Day

Saurav Mukherjee, an MSc Capital Markets, Regulation and Compliance student, said his course was 'an unforgettable challenge, which has changed my life' and MSc Financial Risk Management student, Ganesan Chandrasekaran, described his course as ?my career's best launch pad'.

A beaming Luis Fernando Garcia cited his course as an ?unforgettable year's experience', whilst Akisanya Abimbola said ?the ICMA Centre challenged me to go beyond my capacity, ultimately transforming me from good to extraordinary'.

Richard Stephens described his MSc International Securities, Investment and Banking experience as ?diverse, challenging and fulfilling'.

Students shared the news with family and friends, telling proud parents of their achievements, whilst others were embraced classmates relieved after all their hard work.

Students will now be looking to their next challenge be it further study or a job in the City, and enjoying some down-time before graduation and leaving Reading. The students have earned it.

Congratulations to all ICMA Centre students on their achievements.

Published 16 June 2011