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ICMA Centre executive education contributes to Henley Business School Financial Times Ranking

Henley Business School's position as a world-ranked provider of executive education has been confirmed by the results of the Financial Times Executive Education Ranking published 10 May 2010. This is the first year that the ICMA Centre has contributed to the Business School's entry.

Ranking 33rd worldwide in a composite ranking for open and custom executive education programmes, the overall results of this survey reflect the efforts and success of Henley Business School following the merger in 2008. The School of Management's business and leadership programmes are complemented by the ICMA Centre's finance executive education programmes.

John Board, Director of the ICMA Centre commented: "The merger with Henley has enabled us to work together on new and innovative executive programmes by combining the expertise of the schools within the Faculty.?

The main area of strength is the international focus ? international clients, international participants and international delivery ? across Europe, Sub Saharan Africa, the Middle East and South East Asia. Henley is ranked 15th in the world for breadth and depth of international clients in the custom programmes. The ICMA Centre has long offered a comprehensive range of custom programmes for international institutions such as the Bank of China, KSDA (Korean Securities Dealers Association) and the Qatar Stock Exchange.

Henley Business School Dean, Chris Bones comments: "It is always a satisfaction to know that the results of the rankings reflect our efforts and the success of the merger in supporting this achievement. This spurs us on to improve on those areas, which will continue to transform us as a leading international business school.?

To view the full results for the FT Executive Education Rankings 2010 visit:

Published 17 May 2010
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