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ICMA Centre High Achievers

No less than seven ICMA Centre BSc students have been awarded Achievement Prizes this year. The students were presented with their awards by the Vice Chancellor at a special ceremony in the Great Hall today.

These prizes of £1000 each are awarded each year to the top 150 students following Part 1 examinations, and the top 150 Part 2 students.

The Part 1 achievers are Shang Li, Pearly Su Ping Tan, Jordan Field, Feyisola Osinuga and Jacob Smith. The Part 2 achievers are Daniel Osborn and Philip Board.

Feyisola, aged 18 from Nigeria commented on the degree and her prize: "The degree is unique not only in its content and delivery but also in its challenges. It fully equips you with the theoretical knowledge and the practical skills required in Finance while requiring you to keep abreast of current financial affairs. The ICMA centre is closely linked with many different financial associations as well as institutions which means that you are actively involved in the Finance industry while still studying.

Winning the Achievement prize is an honour; the Achievement Prize is awarded to those in the top 5% of their year and I am truly pleased to be in this category."

Jordan Field, aged 20 from Ilford said: "By achieving this award, I feel that my hard work has been recognised. This has given me confidence and motivation to carry on and fulfil my potential, and to continue working hard throughout the rest of my degree."

Also, honoured at the Ceremony were three of the ICMA Centre's first year BSc students who have been awarded a £2000 Entrance Scholarship each: Alexander Brown, Christina Teasdale and Myriam Tiec. These scholarships are awarded every year to BSc applicants who achieve 360 UCAS points (three A grades) from three A levels.

Published 10 December 2008

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