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Proactive Investment Society Organise Industry Visit

The ICMA Centre Finance and Investment Society recently visited Invesco Perpetual, the second largest Investment Company in the UK. The aim of the visit was not only to assist members in gaining a deeper understanding of the investment industry but also to enable them to learn of the relevant skills needed for the future and to liaise with industry professionals. The members also wanted to gain an invaluable insight into the actual workings of a financial institution.

The ICMA Centre Finance and Investment Society was founded in 2004 and currently has 75 members. The aim of the society is to assist in the professional, educational and social development of students interested in finance, banking and investment.

The society chose Invesco Perpetual, as it is one of the UK's largest independent investment managers which forms part of the AMVESCAP Group. AMVESCAP Plc's total assets under management are $449.9 billion as at 31st October 2006. Presently, Invesco Perpetual's most popular fund is Invesco Perpetual's High Income Fund. The Fund's size is £6,448 million as at 29th September 2006. It is the 2nd largest Investment Company in the UK as at September 2006, source Investment Management Association.

During the visit, Sarah Girling, Regional Sales Manager of Invesco Perpetual, enhanced the students' knowledge of Invesco Perpetual and the Fund Management world through a company and industry overview. Ms Girling also talked about Invesco Perpetual's specialisations, its competitors and its culture differentiating them from their competitors. Hayley Thurlow, HR Adviser of Invesco Perpetual, went through the recruitment process including required skills and job opportunities at Invesco Perpetual. Through this, students learnt that Invesco Perpetual provide internships or work experience for students ranging from school leavers to final-year students.

Everyone enjoyed the visit which included a tour of the offices and working environment, which the students relished: Amanda Lye, who is in her final year of the Centre's BSc International Securities, Investment and Banking said, "It was great to see the offices and the working environment in person rather than just reading about it on the website. It was also a good opportunity to meet and network with employees of Invesco Perpetual who were very friendly and welcoming. All in all, the visit to Invesco Perpetual was a very educational experience!"

Published 7 November 2006

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