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Georgi Slavov, Marex Spectron: Careers in Research and Trading

Are you interested in the fast paced world of trading? Do you wonder how brokers and trading outfits work? Are you keen to hear from someone who has built a career heading up research in one of the world’s most respected commodity traders?

Georgi Slavov edit 2
Georgi Slavov
Event information
Date 13th November 2019
Time 6:00pm - 7:00pm
Venue G09, ICMA Centre
Event types:
Industry Insights

Georgi is a guest lecturer at the ICMA Centre, and heads up both the fundamental and quantitative research functions in the energy, metals, shipping and agriculture sectors for Marex Spectron.

In this talk he’ll give us an insider’s view of broking and trading, sharing insights on how the business model works and what skills you need to succeed.

Students can book their place on My Jobs Online.

Alumni, academics and members of the public who would like to attend should contact Dan Kiernan on

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