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Forthcoming Event: Image, communications and the role of politics in financial services and regulation

Insights into how the world of politics and finance intersect

It's no secret that as an industry that is central to our economy and our lives, finance has a political dimension. Tim Skeet is a senior adviser to the International Capital Markets Association and has extensive experience of strategy, governance and regulatory issues. In this talk he lifts the lid on how politics influences financial services. This talk is a must for any students who want to work in the financial services sector and who want an insight into the forces and trends that shape the industry.

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Event information
Date 1st November 2017
Time 6:00pm - 7:00pm
Venue ICMA 105
Event types:
Industry Insights

Tim Skeet, Senior Adviser, International Capital Markets Association (ICMA)

Tim has proven client and networking skills in the City and across Europe, working in French and German with a background in debt markets, banking regulation, market standards and compliance. He has extensive chairing and people management, lecturing and speaking experience. He is currently advising on Brexit, trade association strategy and governance, as well as aspects of banking regulations.

You can read more about Tim and his extensive experience in financial services here and follow him on Twitter here.

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