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Support for students

We want you to take ownership of your career: to be independent, resilient and resourceful. Research tell us that people who actively manage their careers are more likely to be successful and to find their work fulfilling.

We develop this approach in by offering you unlimited one-to-one appointments with careers consultants, hosting employer events, supporting you with your applications and running workshops where you learn important skills. We continue to offer support to you once you graduate, helping recent alumni make the transition into the workplace and succeed in your new career.


If students want one-to-one careers support on any topic – how to write a CV and cover letter, where to apply for jobs, how to network, what working in finance is like, how to develop the skills you need – you can book an appointment to see Jenny Phillips. Appointments are 30 minutes long, completely confidential and you are entitled to as many as you feel you need.


We run a programme of workshops and webinars that help you understand how the financial services industry works, what your potential career paths are and where you might fit it based on your preferences, current levels of knowledge and experience, and your strengths and weaknesses.

We also run workshops to help you acquire skills that make you more recruitable, such as how to write an application or how to prepare for an interview; and workshops on skills that make you more employable, such as teamwork, project management or presentation skills.

In addition, students at the ICMA Centre have access to the wider programme of support offered by both the Henley Business School Careers Service and University of Reading Careers Service.

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