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Dr Chao Yin

visiting fellow

Yin Chao



ICMA Centre, Whiteknights Campus

Chao was a lecturer in finance at the ICMA Centre. His research interests include empirical corporate finance, corporate governance, and asset pricing. His current projects focus on the role of institutional investors in influencing corporate decision-making.

He holds a PhD in finance from ICMA centre at University of Reading (2018). Before his PhD, he obtained a MSc in International Securities, Investment and Banking with Distinction from ICMA Centre, a LLM (Securities Law) from Graduate School, Chinese Academy of Social Science, and a BA in Law from Renmin University of China.

Chao was the module convenor of Introductory Economics for Business and Finance (IC103), and Financial Economics (EC349). He was a TA of module Portfolio Management at both BSc and MSc level in the past few years.

Chao is also a Chinese Legal Practitioner License holder and CFA level 2 Candidate.

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