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Dr Yeqin Zeng

Visiting Fellow

Yeqin Zeng


  • Empirical Asset Pricing, 
  • Empirical Corporate Finance, 
  • Institutional Investors, 
  • Mergers and Acquisitions


ICMA Centre, Whiteknights Campus

Dr Yeqin Zeng is a Visiting Fellow at the ICMA Centre. He holds double Bachelor’s degrees in Mathematics and Economics from Wuhan University, a Master’s degree in Economics from Claremont Graduate University, and a Master’s degree in Business Administration and a Ph.D. in Finance from the University of Washington.

His main research interests are in empirical asset pricing and corporate finance with an emphasis on financial institutions and their interactions with both financial markets and corporations. Besides the main research interests, he has worked on corporate financial hedging, executive gender, stock price crash risk, M&A, value of cash, corporate investment efficiency, cost stickiness, trade credit, empirical asset bubble tests, and the relationship between bank loan and firm leverage. Detailed information of all papers and conferences can be found here.

He teaches Securities, Futures, and Options for MSc students at the ICMA Centre. Ph.D. applicants with research interests in U.S financial markets are welcome. Prior to joining the ICMA Centre, he taught undergraduate business finance and investment courses at the University of Washington. He also passed the first two levels of Charted Financial Analyst exam and finished the Computational Finance Certificate courses offered by the Statistics Department and the Applied Math Department of the University of Washington.

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Reference: Cheng, S., Jiang, W. and Zeng, Y. (2018) Does access to capital affect cost stickiness? Evidence from China. Asia-Pacific Journal of Accounting and Economics, 25 (1-2). pp. 177-198. ISSN 2164-2257 doi:
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Past Events

2018 FMA Consortium on Trading Strategies and Institutional Investing

6 February 2018 Cambridge's Judge Business School

Research seminar talk

28 February 2018 Leeds University
14 November 2017 Swansea University

2017 AAA Annual Conference

6 August 2017 San Diego

The Role of Hedge Funds and Other Collective Investment Funds in the Modern World conference

31 August 2017 Manchester University
28 June 2017 The American College of Greece, Athens

Research Seminar: Yeqin Zeng, ICMA Centre

19 April 2017 G09, ICMA Centre

Research Seminar: Dimitrios Gounopoulos, Newcastle University Business School

26 April 2017 G09, ICMA Centre

Research Seminar: Ronan Powell, University College Dublin

3 May 2017 G09, ICMA Centre

Research Seminar: Chris Adcock, Sheffield University Management School

17 May 2017 ICMA150, ICMA Centre

Research Seminar: Simone Varotto, ICMA Centre

24 May 2017 G09, ICMA Centre

Research Seminar: Lisa Schopohl, ICMA Centre

7 June 2017 G09, ICMA Centre
25 May 2017 National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan
10 April 2017 Herriot Watt University, Edinburgh

2017 Financial Management Europe Conference

22 June 2017 Lisbon School of Economics and Management, Lisbon, Portugal

2017 Financial Management Asia Pacific Conference

25 May 2017 National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan

Research Seminar: Yeqin Zeng, ICMA Centre

8 March 2017 ICMA Centre, Whiteknights campus

Research Seminar: Bin Xu, Queen’s University of Belfast

22 March 2017 ICMA Centre, Whiteknights campus

New Oriental Fair, Beijing

4 December 2016 3rd Floor, Crowne Plaza Zhongguancun Beijing, No.106, Zhichun Road, Haidian District, Beijing

New Oriental Fair, Tianjin

3 December 2016 Banquet hall, 6th Floor, Tangla Hotel Tianjin, No.219, Nanjing Road, Heping District, Tianjin
10 December 2016 Paris, France
16 November 2016 Florida, USA

Jinan University, Finance Department Seminar

8 April 2016 Jinan University, Guangzhou

SFA Annual Conference

16 November 2016 Sandestin, Florida

Kent University, Finance Department Seminar

2 November 2016 Univesity of Kent, Kent

University of Bath, Finance Department Seminar

26 October 2016 University of Bath, Bath

FMA Annual Conference

19 October 2016 Las Vegas, Nevada

World Finance Conference

29 July 2016 New York

IFABS Annual Conference

1 June 2016 Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Barcelona

University of Birmingham, Finance Department Seminar

24 May 2016 Business School, University of Birmingham

Queen's University of Belfast, Finance Department Seminar

4 May 2016 Business School , Queen's University of Belfast

Wuhan University, Finance Department Seminar

31 March 2016 Wuhan University, Wuhan

BAFA Annual Conference

21 March 2016 University of Bath, Bath

Paris Financial Management Conference

14 December 2015 IPAG Business School, Paris

FMA Annual Conference

14 October 2015 Orlando, Florida

IFABS Oxford Corporate Finance Conference

12 September 2015 Saïd Business School, University of Oxford, Oxford