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Dr Mininder Sethi

Associate Professor of Finance

Undergraduate Examinations Officer

Mininder Sethi photo


  • Financial Technology, 
  • Sustainable Business and Green Finance

Dr Mininder Sethi is an Associate Professor of Finance and the Undergraduate Examinations Officer at the ICMA Centre at Henley Business School. Mininder had been a sessional lecturer at the ICMA Centre since 2019 and joined the ICMA Centre full time in July 2023.

Mininder had worked in the financial services sector since 2003 holding roles as a front office quantitative analyst, derivatives trader and financial engineer at organisations including ABN Amro Bank and Bloomberg in Hong Kong and in London. Mininder had been employed by Citibank since 2015 and in his most recent role there he co-founded and then managed a front office data science solutions team based in Singapore. Mininder holds a PhD in Statistical Signal Processing from Imperial College London and a second PhD in Computational Finance from University College London.

Mininder’s interests are in the areas of financial technology (Fintech), centred around artificial intelligence, data science and machine learning, and in sustainable business and green finance. Mininder is currently the module convenor for ICM314-Digital Banking and Payment Systems and ICM317-Machine Learning and Big Data in Finance both as part of the Masters in Finance and Financial Technology (FinTech). Mininder is also the module convenor of ICM1003-Climate Change and Sustainable Business and Finance and ICM2002-Energy, Carbon and Commodity Markets both of which form part of the newly launched Masters in Climate Change, Sustainable Business and Green Finance.

Energy, Carbon and Commodity Markets

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Climate Change and Sustainable Business and Finance

This module is an introduction to the main topics at the intersection of finance, business studies and climate change. The wider impacts of climate change are discussed, as well as...

Module code: ICM407

Digital Banking, Payment Systems and Financial Markets

The module first explores the role of banks, central banks and money in the economy and how technology is reshaping the role of banks and creating new business models for...

Module code: ICM403

Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Big Data in Finance

In this module you will learn how industry standard machine learning and data science techniques can be applied to solve predictive modelling problems in finance. You will also learn how...

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