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Dr Dimitrios Gkamas

Lecturer in Finance



  • Capital, Investment Management, 
  • Derivatives and Portfolio Optimisation

Dr. Dimitrios Gkamas is an experienced capital markets professional with a career in the financial services industry spanning nearly 25 years.

Dr Dimitrios Gkamas is the founder of Ameru Financial Limited, a quantitative analysis firm that specializes in providing expert advice to financial institutions and corporates on areas such as Asset Liability Management (ALM), Risk Management, Economic & Regulatory capital optimization, yield enhancement strategies and use of derivatives in investment portfolios.

Dimitrios contributes his extensive expertise to support clients across Europe, Middle East, and Asia in navigating complex financial landscapes and bridge theoretical concepts with practical solutions tailored to meet clients' specific needs. His experience encompasses both the buy and sell side of the industry, having worked in organizations such as Towers Watson, Just Retirement and The Phoenix Group in consultancy roles, as well as with institutions including BNP Paribas, Citi, and Standard Chartered in investment banking and structuring roles. This diverse background has provided him with comprehensive insights into the intricacies of the financial domain and strengthened his proficiency in delivering effective financial strategies.

Dimitrios holds a PhD degree from Manchester Business School, where his research focused on option pricing under stochastic volatility. He has published his thesis results in the Journal of Quantitative Finance. Furthermore, he possesses an MSc degree from the ICMA Centre and is the Convenor of the MSc Investment Portfolio Management Module.