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New Climate Change MSc endorsed by international organisation of risk management professionals

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Henley Business School's new MSc Climate Change, Sustainable Business and Green Finance, which will be delivered through the ICMA Centre and the University of Reading's Meteorology department, has been recognised by an international organisation of risk management professionals.

The Global Association of Risk Professional (GARP) has officially endorsed the new MSc programme as a Sustainability and Climate Risk (SCR®) Certificate Academic Partner.

The programme, which is delivered by academics from both Henley Business School and the University of Reading, is among the first of its kind to combine the knowledge of finance experts with climate scientists to equip students with the skills to prepare for climate change within a business setting.

William May, Global Head of Certifications and Educational Programs at GARP said: "GARP is very pleased to announce the addition of a new program from the Henley Business School to the GARP Partnership for Risk Education.

"The MSc in Climate Change, Sustainable Business and Green Finance offered by the ICMA Centre is a program partner with our certificate in Sustainability and Climate Risk (SCR). This degree, which includes instruction through the University [of Reading]’s Meteorology Department, provides a strong knowledge base for its students.

"This program was created specifically to meet the needs of those individuals who wish to work in financial institutions as these firms seek staff with expertise in finance and climate risk. These students will be well-positioned to obtain the SCR certificate as well."

Published 12 April 2023
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