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Winner of the CISI Educational Trust Award 2020

Lin Cui

The winner of the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment (CISI) Educational Trust Award 2020 is Lin Cui, who is currently studying MSc Finance at the ICMA Centre.

The awards celebrate excellence among postgraduate students and support winners as they progress into a career in the finance sector.

To be eligible, they must be studying for a CISI exam alongside their university course at CISI Centre of Excellence, which the ICMA Centre is, or a Partner University.

As a winner, Lin, from China, receives a £1,000 cheque and is invited to enter an essay competition, the top five entrants to which are then invited to the CISI offices in London.

There, they have a chance to network with trust members and additional award funds are available based on their performance at interview.

Speaking about the award, Lin said:

“I am so grateful and honoured to be the recipient of this award. I hope I get the precious chance to learn from experienced practitioners and communicate with other candidates at the CISI.
“I really enjoy my study life here so far, it offers me a wide and wise platform to learn about and observe the dynamic capital market.”
Published 4 February 2020
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