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The 1975 European Community Referendum: The First of Two … or of Three?

Published 29 January 2019

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29 July 2014

How I became a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum – The origins and success story of the PRI

31 October 2013
We are delighted to present JAMES GIFFORD, who founded the PRI initiative which now has nearly 1,200 institutions from more than 50 countries as signatories, including many of the world’s largest pension funds, insurance companies, and investment managers. They manage combined assets of more than US $34 trillion. James Gifford was also named in 2010 by the World Economic Forum as one of 200 Young Global Leaders.
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Professor Scott-Quinn's opinion sought by the FT on the government's new banking regulatory body

18 June 2010
Professor Brian Scott-Quinn's opinion was sought by the Financial Times on the new coalition government's regulatory body - the Prudential Regulatory Authority.