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Football finance: the 'Cristiano Ronaldo' bond

Juventus flag
Published 19 February 2019
Business News

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In Defence of Footballers

9 April 2020
With football suspended due to social distancing, Matt Hancock called for players to make a financial contribution of their wages to aid the countries finances. Is it fair to ask them of this? And why only footballers? Adrian Bell, Carl Singleton and James Reade discuss the financial and moral implications.
Business News

Caution needed when using credit default swap price movements as financial barometer

9 August 2013
Price revisions in the credit default swap (CDS) market are not an accurate measure of default risk, a new study has found.
Research news

Professor Chris Brooks Wins Best Paper Award

17 April 2017
The ICMA Centre's Professor Chris Brooks has won a best paper award for his research, “Commodity risks and the cross-section of equity returns”.