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Gender discussions at the G7 summit

Dr Miriam Marra discusses the G7 summit held in Biarritz, France and the recommendations from the Gender Equality Advisory Council (GEAC) to improve Gender Equality and the empowerment of girls and women.

Gender G7

Promoting women's economic empowerment was one of the main goals discussed at the G7. The recommendations from GEAC included boosting women's employability through training and work culture of equality and job diversity. Recognising and reducing unpaid care work can also contribute to women's economic empowerment.

Good examples of legislative measures in gender equality have also been recognised in developed and developing countries. Leaders of the G7 are being called to adopt and implement these frameworks through the Biarritz Partnership.

Dr Miriam Marra discusses the gender conversations at the G7 in Henley Business School's leading insights. Read the full piece here.

Dr Miriam Marra

Lecturer in Finance
Miriam is a Lecturer of Finance at the ICMA Centre since October 2012. Prior to joining the ICMA Centre, Miriam was a Fellow at Warwick Business School where she completed her PhD in Finance in 2013. She holds also a BSc and an MA in International Economics from the University…
Published 2nd September 2019
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