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The global workforce and social stigmas

Inequalities and mistreatments of women in the workplace has increasingly gained attention. Dr Miriam Marra looks back at number of women in the workplace and the social stigmas surrounding parental leave.

Women men and social stigmas

According to the the International Labour Organisation, the participation rate of women in the global workforce is nearly 27% lower than the rate for men. Yet the gender gap in developed countries is 16% and a major reason for this is the discouraging work-environment settings and higher costs of childcare.

But what could be done to eliminate the social stigma of men sharing parental leave? Read the full story on the Henley Business School website.

Dr Miriam Marra

Lecturer in Finance
Miriam is a Lecturer of Finance at the ICMA Centre since October 2012. Prior to joining the ICMA Centre, Miriam was a Fellow at Warwick Business School where she completed her PhD in Finance in 2013. She holds also a BSc and an MA in International Economics from the University…
Published 13th March 2018
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