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Islamic Finance Master's Launched at University of Reading Malaysia

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The University of Reading Malaysia (UoRM) signed a Memorandum of Understanding with INCEIF. The agreement paves the way for Henley Business School at UoRM to work with INCEIF to offer the MSc Investment Banking and Islamic Finance to students, with INCEIF’s Professional Certificate in Islamic Finance, specialising in the Islamic Capital Market.

The signing took place at the UoRM campus in Educity, Iskandar Puteri, and was signed by UoRM’s Provost, Professor Tony Downes, and the INCEIF President & CEO, Daud Vicary Abdullah.

There is a growing demand from financial institutions worldwide for specialist professionals trained in the Islamic finance practices. Graduates of the programme will be able to pursue rewarding careers with investment banks in a diverse range of fields, including corporate and project finance, trade finance, sales and trading. They will also be well-qualified to join other financial institutions, regulatory agencies, consultancies and the finance divisions of multinational corporations.

The 12-month programme is scheduled to be offered from September 2017, with one intake per year. The specialist Master’s programme provides students with the opportunity to develop and demonstrate their understanding and detailed foundation of both the theory and practical applications of modern finance both in conventional and Islamic jurisdictions.

UoRM will deliver the following Islamic finance and investment banking modules at the UoRM campus in Educity, Iskandar Puteri:

  • Islamic Capital Markets
  • Design, Implementation and Risk Aspects of Islamic Financial Products, and
  • Financial Analysis of Islamic Financial Institutions.

Investment Banking Modules:

  • Securities, Futures and Options
  • Fixed Income and Equity Investments
  • Financial Markets†
  • Introductory Quantitative Methods
  • Corporate Finance

The modules to be delivered specifically by INCEIF under the MSc IBIF programme are:

  • The Principle of Islamic Commercial Jurisprudence which would be delivered at UoRM in the first semester of studies
  • Risk Management for Islamic Financial Institutions and Islamic Banking Practices which will be delivered by INCEIF’s academics at INCEIF campus in Kuala Lumpur

A similar programme was previously offered jointly by INCEIF at the ICMA Centre at Henley Business School at University of Reading, UK and is now available in Malaysia and South East Asia.

Head of Henley Business School Malaysia, Dr Susan Rose said:

“Henley has a longstanding relationship with INCEIF and we are pleased and excited to be working together again. With the establishment of Henley Business School in Malaysia, it is only fitting that this programme is offered in Malaysia to take advantage of the vibrant Islamic finance industry in the country and the region. We look forward to drawing on the expertise and experience that INCEIF offers in the field of Islamic Finance. This partnership will ensure that Henley and INCEIF’s joint expertise in our respective fields provides a high quality learning experience for our students.”

INCEIF President & CEO, Daud Vicary Abdullah said:

“I have always encouraged INCEIF students to look at their time on campus as an important opportunity for them to learn, to share knowledge and experience, as well as to start putting theory into practice. One of the greatest advantages that we have is our student diversity with the students coming from about 80 countries and with different cultures, academic and career backgrounds. From our differences there is much that may be learned for the benefit of all humanity, something that Islamic Finance strives to achieve.”

Daud added that INCEIF looks forward to strengthening the collaboration with UoRM, maximising on each other’s strength. “We have come to realise that our winning strategy towards promoting the development our Islamic Finance postgraduate studies is by establishing collaborative partnerships around the globe. INCEIF is proud to have UoRM as one of our long-term partners.”

Published 11 April 2017

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