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ICMA Centre students to visit Tsinghua University for Summer Program 2016

Charles Hugo Whiskard

The scholarships are made available to the ICMA Centre’s students as part of an ongoing partnership between Henley Business School and one of China’s most prestigious universities. Students were asked to submit a video describing why they thought they should be chosen to take part. This year saw a far greater number of applications than in previous years.

On 3rd July 2016, Charles, Vicky, and Scott will fly to Beijing for a two-week program of sight-seeing, education on Chinese Financial Markets, and study trips to financial institutions.

Meet the students:

Scott Stephen, MSc Capital Markets, Regulation and Compliance

I’m Scott Stephen, 23 years old, and a winner of the PBC Summer School Scholarship. I have just finished my exams for MSc Capital Markets and have thoroughly enjoyed my experience here at Henley.

I came from a management and economics background and along with my MSc feel that this scholarship provides an excellent opportunity to learn about the most important emerging market of our century– China.

“It is fantastic to have won, considering the number of high quality applicants who entered. I look forward to sharing my experiences in China with my colleagues here at the ICMA Centre.”

Charles Hugo Whiskard, MSc International Business and Finance

Coming from rural Gloucestershire I studied Agriculture at the University of Reading before moving on to study MSc International Business and Finance, a course split between Henley Business School and the ICMA Centre. My interest in finance is matched by my passion for country sports and rugby.

“The programme represents a fantastic opportunity to exchange ideas and learn from students across the world, whilst enjoying all the adventure Beijing has to offer.”

Vicky Lee, MSc International Securities, Investment and Banking

My name is Vicky Lee and I am from South Korea. I am currently studying MSc International Securities, Investment and Banking (ISIB) at ICMA Centre, University of Reading. Before I moved to the UK, I received my bachelor’s degree in film-television from the University of Southern California and MBA degree from Loyola Marymount University, both in Los Angeles.

“The opportunity to go to China and participate in the future of finance leader program in Tsinghua University would be a really great opportunity to learn about Chinese/global financial markets and network with the most passionate and intelligent people from all over the world.”

Published 24 June 2016

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Students win summer graduation achievement awards

26 July 2016
Every year at graduation, students from our undergraduate and master’s courses are offered prizes and awards for their performance and contribution throughout the academic year.

Enhance your skills with the new Advanced Diploma in Investment Compliance

30 April 2010
Investment Compliance The ICMA Centre has a well established expertise in Investment Compliance. We have long recognised and advocated the importance of robust regulatory and compliance policies in financial institutions. This and the level of demand by banks and finance houses for well-trained compliance professionals has led to the Centre running a suite of regulation and compliance executive education programmes both in the UK and around the world. Our corporate clients in the UK include many of major banks such as Deutsche, JPMorgan, Morgan Stanley and Commerzbank. Overseas we have worked with several Central Banks including Serbia and Montenegro, Dubai and Egypt, as well as large corporates in Spain and the Nordic region.